The 6th International Symposium of The Protein Society of Thailand

  • Jisnuson Svasti

The Protein Society of Thailand (PST) organized the its 6th International Symposium at the Chulabhorn Convention Center, Bangkok on 31st August to 2nd September 2011. This year’s meeting was jointly hosted by PST, Mahidol University, and Chulabhorn Research Institute. PST was honored to have Young-Ki Paik (Past President, Human Proteome Organization, HUPO), Kazuyuki Nakamura (President, Asia-Oceania Human Proteome Organization, AOHUPO), and Yuji Goto (Past President, Asia Pacific Protein Association, APPA) present as Invited Speakers, helping to link PST with regional and international organizations in protein research.

The main symposium program was attended by 269 registered participants, and included 10 Invited Lectures, 8 Oral Presentations selected from submitted Abstracts, plus 83 Posters presentations, competing for awards. Topics covered a broad spectrum of protein research, including structure and function relationships not only in enzymes but also in fibrous proteins, as well as the roles of proteins in various diseases, studied by various techniques, such as x-ray crystallography, protein NMR, stop-flow kinetics, microscopy and bioinformatics. The Protein Society (USA) also offered 3 Honorary Memberships to award-winning students. In addition, a Pre-Symposium workshop on “Disease Proteomics” was held one day before the symposium.

The Annual PST meetings have now developed a special character of their own, unlike any other meeting in Thailand. Special emphasis is placed on young scientists, at both young Ph.D. staff and graduate student level, since these young people will develop into future leaders of protein research. Efforts are also made to involve companies, both as Company Members and Exhibitors, because their involvement will help research develop in the country, which in the end will also benefit them. Most of all, meetings are arranged with the aim of being not only excellent academically but also enjoyable, through having a scientific program of international quality, accompanied by fun and games, arranged with the help of companies, so as to engage the young people.

PST is steadily growing in strength and would welcome the opportunity to host a regional protein meeting of APPA or AOHUPO in the near future.

Professor Jisnuson Svasti,
President, Protein Society of Thailand