Message from the President of Asia Pacific Protein Association

Portrait of Jisnuson Svasti

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to serve as President of the Asia Pacific Protein Association (APPA) for 2017–2018. I have enjoyed studying the structure and function of proteins for 50 years, because proteins play an essential role in almost all biological processes. I have also served in many international scientific organizations, because I firmly believe that international networking unites people of different nations, languages, cultures and religions, so that we can all work together to make this world a better place.

As you know, APPA was founded to promote protein science in the Asia Pacific region. It has organized triennial international conferences since 2004, formally establishing the first Steering Committee in 2010, with Yuji Goto as the first APPA President. APPA has continued to develop steadily, with the help of the Protein Science Society of Japan (PSSJ) in hosting the APPA office and home page. The recent 5th APPA Conference in Bangsaen, Thailand, was very successful, not only in terms of the excellent scientific program, but also because three more protein communities were admitted to APPA, increasing the total to 16 protein communities.

However, the protein communities in APPA are diverse. Some, such as those in Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia have formed officially registered protein societies. In others, activities in protein science may be primarily be carried out through biochemistry and/or molecular biology societies, biophysics societies, regular conferences, or other entities, often founded many years ago. However, it is important for all of us in APPA to work together to strengthen protein science in our respective countries. This requires improving the interactions of APPA with each protein community, as well as the interactions of APPA Council Members with the protein researchers in their own community.

In this connection, I am glad to welcome Professor Masafumi Yohda as the first APPA Secretary General, who will help interact with Council Members and help update the website. However, APPA Council Members need to engage the protein researchers in their country, involve them in the activities of APPA, and encourage more activities in protein research, either independently or through their local associated organizations. Protein communities with established protein societies or holding regular academic meetings should consider inviting members of other APPA protein communities to attend and/or give invited lectures at these meetings. This is important because our APPA conferences are held every three years, so we need to find ways of interacting in between years.

Finally, we must all help APPA strengthen the protein communities in each country, so that these communities can then help APPA develop into a self-sustaining regional organization. In addition, collaboration with the Protein Society in USA (PS) will make both entities more international, and highlight the importance of protein science in modern bioscience research. So we greatly look forward to seeing you all at the 6th PS/PSSJ/APPA Conference, which will be held in Japan in 2020.

Let me close with these words of invitation to you all: LET’S HELP APPA HELP US.

Emeritus Professor M.R. Jisnuson Svasti,
President, Asia Pacific Protein Association (2017–2018)